About Us

MSD Digital Intelligence Sdn Bhd comprises of Engineering and ICT professionals, experienced project management personnel, and dedicated support personnel who are all passionate about what they do.

The Company played a significant role in JICA’s (Japanese International Cooperation Agency) pilot Digital Divide program in cooperation with the Malaysian Government. This was the beginning of the rural telecenter program that has gone through several iterations over the years and is now into its current form known as Pusat Ekonomi Digital (PEDI) . True to the aspiration of its establishment, MSD helps empower rural communities with relevant ICT facilities, training, and familiarisation programmes.

With the collective experience in the Digital Divide segment, MSD is transforming into a fast growing technology company. The Company adopts the best of class technology and fuses it with its own in house innovations to offer a complete solution. Today, we are engaged in activities spanning from Community Digital Access Management to Information Network Engineering.